As a church we just finished our month of prayer. It was a time that brought us together to seek God’s face and to believe that God is still at work in the lives of people we pray for. Someone rightly asked, ‘now that the prayer month is over does that mean we no longer need to cry out to God?’

We are called upon by scripture to pray without ceasing. Prayer never ends for the true Christian. In the same way we need oxygen to stay alive, we also need prayer to sustain our walk with God.  No Christian can accomplish much for God without prayer.

During the prayer month it was very interesting to hear those testimonies from church members of answered prayers. It shows us that even before we call, He hears us. Let us not give up on those situations in our lives that seem impossible. We need to persevere and that will include holding on to God till the very end. Remember with God all things are possible to him that believes.